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Instagram – A Social Media Marketing Opportunity

It has been the internet, of course, which has made the explosion in ecommerce possible. And it is the explosion in internet users (still rising consistently) that has actually made it happen. The available markets online have been consistently growing, which is the primary reason why when it comes to traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets nearly all have an online dimension, whereas the reverse is certainly not the case with online-only ecommerce brands.

You cantake almost any aspect of day-to-day business management and effectively outline just how it has been revolutionized by the rise of ecommerce. Marketing is no exception here. When an ecommerce venture sets out a marketing strategy, they are concernedfirst and foremostwith reaching geographically dispersed customer bases across the internet. This is not a phenomenon that existed before, and it implies an almost completely different type of marketing is needed.

Consider the smartphone video – portrait orientation, low production values and, importantly, great viral potential. In the past, any type of video marketing would be expensively optimized for appearance on television or computer streams.And, of course, it would typically be presented in the landscape orientation of these screens. However, the viral video phenomenon has proven to have such potential in simply reaching peoplethat ecommerce ventures are increasingly picking up on this unbelievably cheap form of video marketing.

Social Media Marketing

The rise of ecommerce has also led to whole new branch of marketing. One of these deserves a very special mention, and this is social media marketing. Social media marketing is largely considered something that every ecommerce venture needs to do to avoid being left behind. The great benefit is that these sites have millions, getting onto billions, of users. That is a massive potential market that you can, theoretically, tap into for free.

Azola Creative, an ecommerce website design and marketing agency, say that one of the best social media pages for small businesses to get involved in is Instagram. Instagram marketing has developed into its own discipline, all related to the unique advantages it offers.

The Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is primarily a visual medium, and so posts on Instagram typically take the form of images or short videos. This means that Instagram marketing always values the highly visual and brief. Accordingly, the best advice for Instagram marketing involves how to truly show your product.

The considerable number of users on the site coupled with the potential for posts to reach a massive audience through sharingmake Instagram a uniquely useful site for social media marketing.

Advice for Instagram Marketing

Here follows brief round-up of some of the top Instagram marketing tips:

Emphasize Authenticity

With Instagram, videos which show things behind the scenes or products in actual use are quite common. This underscores a certain authenticity to the site – do not be afraid to allow your customers a little peak behind the curtain.

Link in Bio

All online marketing for small businesses involves finding a way to drive traffic to the main ecommerce site. You should make sure all your Instagram posts direct your audience to the link in the bio, and from there to your ecommerce site.

Encourage Sharing

The other wonderful thing about online marketing is that every user of the internet is theoretically connected. Highly attractive visual Instagram posts are exactly the type of thing which is most commonly shared. This is the online form of word-of-mouth marketing – and it is even more effective.

For nearly all ecommerce ventures, Instagram marketing is something which should be engaged with sooner rather than later.It is too big an opportunity to miss.

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