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4 Tips for Managing Bad Reviews on Google

As a business owner, you understand the power that reviews possess regarding customer attraction and retention. The opinion of other people towards your products and services has an impact on how other people respond, and it is vital for your business to understand the criticality of the reviews when you want to retain a good online reputation. Unfortunately, there are people who love to watch the world burn and there is nothing you can do about them. So, if someone was not satisfied with what they got and left a bad review on your website, do you know what to do with this review? Remember it can ruin the trust and credibility of your products. So, you need to find ways of managing the negative reviews you may get. This article will walk you through 4 tips for managing bad reviews on google.

1. Hire a Reputation Management Company

Sometimes it can be hard to do everything on your own. So, it could be ideal to let the experts do it. Hiring reputation management London helps in managing your reputation online. The company you hire can request Google to delete the bad review. If this does not happen, the company will help you manage the responses you get from your customers to ensure you maintain your good name. the company can monitor your reviews and respond appropriately. Sometimes these customers give comments that are insulting but it is your duty to ensure you control how you respond and a reputation management company can help you do so. 

2. Resolve the Issue and Ask the Customer to Remove or Edit the Review

Another way of removing a bad review is by resolving the problem with the customer. Before you respond, consider your customer’s perspective. Know where the problem is and anything you can do to make things right. After this assessment, confirm if the review is really fake, and if it turns out the complaint is genuine, check what you can do to solve it. Then, courteously ask the reviewer to delete or edit the review after you have addressed the issue.

3. File a Request to Remove the Bad Review

Filing a formal request to Google to remove the review is another strategy. However, this option is limited to specific cases. Google will delete the bad review if it is termed illegal according to your state regulations. It will evaluate the validity of the complaint and how illegal it may be. If the review was due to slander towards you personally or your business, then you may benefit from this. 

4. Flag the Review as Inappropriate

Another way of dealing with a bad review is flagging it as inappropriate or inflammatory. Some people have nothing better to do than frequently write bad and inappropriate reviews. Luckily, Google has a way of filtering the content. It can be categorized as;

  • Offensive
  • Fale content
  • Off-topic
  • Impersonation
  • Terrorist content
  • Illegal
  • Sexually explicit, and more.

Google prohibits such content from posting, and if a person writes a review that falls in any of the categories mentioned above, you can request for its removal. You may also flag it as a dispute or inappropriate. 


Even if a bad review can ruin your reputation, it should not drive you to anxiety. You can use the above tips to manage the bad reviews. Google has provided these avenues to support businesses and resolve the issues promptly.

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