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5 Things You Need to Win at Digital Marketing

The internet offers a tremendous number of business opportunities for willing entrepreneurs. One such opportunity is digital marketing. There is always room for another digital marketing agency that demonstrates an ability to get things done.

That said, building a website and sending out marketing emails does not necessarily mean an entrepreneur has what it takes to be successful. Digital marketing is a complex beast that continues to evolve right along with the internet.

At Webtek Digital Marketing in Salt Lake City, digital marketing is a natural extension of what the company was originally built on: SEO. After years of building their business from the ground up, they have become one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the boutique market.

The folks that make Webtek work say there are five things that entrepreneurs need to win at digital marketing:

  1. 1. Marketing Knowledge

Topping the list is marketing knowledge. At the end of the day, all of the digital strategies a marketing firm may employ still boil down to fundamental marketing principles that haven’t changed in decades. An entrepreneur who doesn’t understand marketing fundamentals will not succeed no matter how fancy their website is.

  1. 2. SEO Knowledge

A second type of knowledge is critical to digital marketing success: SEO knowledge. What many new digital marketers do not understand is that their success revolves around what Google and Bing decide to do at any given time. What they do determines the course of SEO. How well digital marketers master SEO determines whether or not they succeed.

  1. 3. Creativity

Creativity is the next item on the list. Why do digital marketers need it? Because there is no black-and-white formula for successful marketing. Clients are different. So are audiences. And while marketers are getting to know both, the internet continues to evolve.

A digital marketing agency lacking in creativity tends to find one or two ways of doing things and then sticking with these exclusively. They get old and stale before their time. Then they either have to forcibly adapt or go under.

  1. 4. Patience

Patience is a digital marketing characteristic that doesn’t get talked about very often. Unfortunately, we live in a drive-through society that wants everything now. We are used to the on-demand model. Yet that model is not applicable to digital marketing.

Successful marketing takes time. For example, no marketer is going to see immediate results from a new content marketing campaign. It will take weeks for new content to circulate and generate the desired results. As a general rule, successful marketing agencies tell new clients to plan on consistent marketing for 9 to 12 months before every goal is met.

  1. 5. Vision

Finally, winning at digital marketing requires vision. It requires an ability to see the big picture no matter how far off it is. Taking that one step further, the most successful digital marketers know how to communicate that vision to clients. They know how to impart to clients that same passion they have for marketing success.

Vision is a lot like creativity in the sense that the lack thereof causes a marketing agency to grow stale. There is an old proverb that says, ‘without a vision the people perish’. It certainly applies to digital marketing.

Are you looking to start a digital marketing agency? If so, good for you. There is plenty of room in the pool and the water is still warm. Just know that the chances of you hitting it big overnight are pretty slim. Building a successful agency is going to take time, hard work, and the five things you just read about.

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