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Best Internet Service Providers in British Columbia

Presenting PCMag’s 2023 Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in British Columbia. Thanks to their innovative approach, PCMag expanded beyond speed alone, now factoring in customer satisfaction, coverage, and pricing. This shift provides a more holistic perspective on Canadian ISPs and how they truly perform for customers. The enhanced methodology also enables them to analyze the data on a provincial level. In this article, we delve into the statistics to uncover the top performers both overall and in each of the four key categories specific to British Columbia.

  1. Telus PureFibre
  2. Shaw
  3. Telus DSL Internet

Telus PureFibre nets the same score here as it does in Alberta, so again, it comes out way ahead of the others. Bell Canada matches it on price, and SpaceX beats it in coverage. Shaw has a slightly higher customer satisfaction score. But none of the other competitors has the combination that Telus offers.

Breaking it down by category, Telus PureFibre is by far and away the fastest, with a median speed of 284.8, with Shaw trailing behind at 120.4 and Novus hitting just 96.3. In terms of coverage, SpaceX Starlink covers 99% of the province, making it easily the one that offers the most service to the most remote areas. Tied for second place are Telus PureFibre and Telus DSL, which both cover 84% of the province. And Shaw comes in at fourth, covering 83% of the area. Eastlink is fifth, even though it only covers 3% of the area, because the remaining ISPs don’t have the relevant data available. Bell Canada is the cheapest provider, though Telus PureFibre and Rogers aren’t too much more expensive. The most expensive ISP is SpaceX Starlink, which is four times more expensive than the next most expensive ISP, Telus DSL, and more than 40 times more expensive than Bell Canada. Finally, if we look at the PCMag’s Readers’ Choice Overall Satisfaction results, we see Shaw tops the poll with a rating of 7.4 out of 10. Both Telus options and Eastlink all scored 7.3, and Bell Canada rates 7.2. Rogers is the last of the ISPs to receive results from that poll, and they score a respectable 6.7.

As evident, prominent national ISPs leverage their strengths in coverage, brand recognition, and competitive pricing. However, upon closer examination of specific categories, particularly speed and customer satisfaction, smaller enterprises often excel. The ‘best’ ISP ultimately aligns with the unique needs of the customer, whether they prioritize personalized service, high-speed connections, or exceptional value. These rankings aim to further simplify the process for consumers in their quest to discover the perfect ISP to meet their requirements.

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