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Here are the Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move

Moving is stressful and a hassle. Probably you have heard a story or two about the stress and horrors of packing things and taking them to a moving truck. From big items to fragile things, it looks like nothing will be safe.

Mostly, you will need to downsize the number of things you own before moving. So you don’t want to lose special things. Fortunately, there are several ways you can pack and move your things, including the most difficult ones, like:

Fish Tanks

Aquariums are heavy and big, and moving is very stressful for fish. However, careful preparation may improve the chances of your fish surviving and thriving in the new house.

Before leaving your old home, ensure you empty most of the water in the tank, but remember to only leave a little at the bottom.

This helps to keep the colony of bacteria intact when you are refilling it. Make sure to also transfer fish into a small bag or container using tank water and transport them using your personal car.


moving company can take your plants and put your flowerpots inside boxes and arrange them in the backseat of your vehicle. When moving across a short distance or town, there is a higher chance that they may survive without further ado.

However, moving across the country is another issue altogether. Whether you want to fly or drive to the final destination, you may still have to take them with more care.

Be sure to also look at the local regulation in your new country or state to ensure you can import plants and know how much to pay for the move.

Special Furniture and Heirlooms

It might not be a big item, but that table you got or inherited from your grandfather is in great condition, and you may want it to remain the same way.

You cannot replace these types of items and should be relocated with a lot of care. Packing them vertically will reduce the weight on every dish and diminish the risks of fracturing.

Oddly Shaped Items

As the rule of thumb, items that may fit snugly into a big case or box are easy to move than items with an odd shape. Every big mattress is much simpler to move than triangular glass coffee tables.

The law of gravity and physics helps this rule. Items, which are rectangular or square are simple to grab securely.

Gravity also carries the momentum of oddly shaped items away from your body, giving you the feeling that they are about tofall down.


Artwork is among the vital and precious things in a home. It will come with unprecedented value, whether it is a family picture, art design, or decoration.

When moving, pack your artwork in the mirror boxes. You may as well keep them in a small box and include a cardboard layer.

In Conclusion

Apart from the above difficult item to pack and move, several things in the house may give you trouble to relocate them.

Built-in items, pets, bikes, bulky things, and cars are also difficult to move. Hence, if you need to make your life easy, hire a reliable and experienced mover and packer, as they are the best solutions.

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