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No internet access more fixes

In the previous article we have spoken about routers a lot but there are several other aspects, devices and software solutions we should examine. Atlantek Fibre Broadband being an ISP for over 20 years has hired technicians who solve not only broadband issues but also can fix PCs, tablets, printers and laptops, both their hardware and software issues. In this article we will focus mainly on software problems and will start with the product from one of the biggest companies on the market – Microsoft. So let’s get to it!

Windows 10 – No Internet Access – What Could Be the Cause?

No internet access in Windows 10 after a router reboot (the router is working, but there is no internet) could be caused by a damaged cable connecting your laptop or desktop computer to the router. It is worth checking the condition of the cable, by testing the connection with a new cable, a different device or a different LAN socket on the router; it may not be a faulty cable, but a port on the router.

If we can access the internet with the same cable but with another device, the problem is probably in the network card of the device without internet. Laptops and desktops can also work on a wireless network: you can connect to your router’s WiFi network for the duration of the repair.

In Windows 10, the lack of WiFi internet access can also be caused by entering an incorrect password (message: no authentication, network not identified or unable to connect to this network). Once the Windows 10 device is connected, but there is still no Internet access, even though it is connected to the network and we are pretty sure that the router is working properly – the problem may be on the provider’s side.

Your Computer, Laptop or Phone Can’t See Wi-Fi

When devices cannot access the Internet when connected to a wireless network, the problem may lie with the service provider. However, there are situations where a laptop or phone cannot see the Wi-Fi. In this case, the WiFi network card may be faulty, disabled or aeroplane mode is enabled on the device.

How to disable aeroplane mode on a laptop we checked in the Windows Help Centre. Most of the time it is a button to activate in the system administration panel and your device will connect to the Internet.

There is also a more prosaic reason why your phone or laptop can’t see the WiFi. The network coverage may be too poor, the device may be a considerable distance from the router – so it’s worth diagnosing the connection at close range to the router.

“Unable to Connect to This Network” – Why Do We See This Message?

This message sometimes appears when the advanced settings of a computer or laptop’s network card have been changed. So you need to find the wireless network adapter settings in the Windows 10 administration panel.

Changing the network adapter settings (get IP address automatically, get DNS server address automatically), disabling it and enabling it again may help. You can also try “forgetting the wireless network” and adding it again – this sometimes helps. Of course, don’t forget to reboot the router.

No Internet Access Despite Being Connected to a Network

There are situations where devices have connected without Internet to a WiFi network. The local WiFi network is authenticated, but there is no Internet access. In this situation, we narrow the problem down to the device that creates the local network, the router. It is very likely that it is the ISP that has a fault and is not delivering internet to the router. So we see a local WiFi network, we can connect to it, but there is no Internet access.

To look at an example diagram of how the proper connection should look like, please visit Atlantek Fibre connection diagram, which has been very helpful for thousands of County Mayo residents.

The router is working but there is no internet, which is not necessarily the ISP’s fault.

If the router works, we can see the WiFi network, the ISP does not confirm the failure, while we still have a problem with the Internet, we can perform the following more advanced activities:

update the network card drivers,

update the router software (firmware update),

check the address filters of network cards blocked by the router – maybe some devices are blocked on purpose,

reset TCP/IP network connection in Windows 10

The above actions only seem to be complicated. However, we recommend exercising caution at all times, as these actions may adversely affect the operation of your devices and router.

How to Enable WiFi or Disable Aeroplane Mode on a Laptop

Aeroplane mode is a setting on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that disables all wireless receivers. A wireless receiver is not only a WiFi wireless network card, but also a bluetooth receiver card.

The activation of aeroplane mode is necessary, for example, during a passenger flight, so that computing devices do not interfere with the complex aircraft modules, as such interference could lead to a plane crash.

In Windows 10, aeroplane mode can be activated in the Network and Internet menu or in the Quick Launch bar (usually in the bottom right corner of the screen) under Settings, then click on the “Airplane mode” button.

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