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Server Security – Top Tips You Should Know

Where modern companies are concerned, the server can be thought of as performing two essential functions. The first of these is to act as a type of data center, a place of processing and storage of some of the most important company data. This can then be accessed, via the internet, by the various clients (devices) connected to that server.

For this reason, sever security is naturally particularly important. If a hacker succeeds in hacking the company server, they effectively become a client on the server, with the kind of access that can facilitate high value theft and the type of data loss that can be catastrophic for a company.

Servers are nevertheless more vital than ever; we are long past the point where company records and sensitive data have been digitized. It is simply more efficient and secure to store data in this way, but it has left servers open to the new threat of cyber-attack.

Since servers typically provide both computational and data services, a breach can mean either a data loss (bad enough) but also a disruption in these computing or processing functions. This can seriously interfere with business operations, something that can be disastrous in its own right.

Server Cybersecurity

Hillstone Networks, experts in server protection, say that server protection involves a series of best practices and tips, but it is also important to keep an eye on the latest server protection software. This is for the very simple reason that server protection, just like all forms of cyber security, is locked in something of an arms race with the cyber criminals.

What is meant by this is that cyber criminals are constantly refining their techniques and improving the technology they use. This means that cybersecurity needs to similarly hone its techniques to keep up with this.

It is also a mistake though to think that it is only the biggest companies with the most valuable data that are at risk. Smaller companies are no less at risk, and in fact a common cybercriminal technique is to target multiple small businesses rather than make one big attack on a large company with near impenetrable cyber security.

Tips, Advice and Best Practices

Server security is important, and the best way to realize it at your institution is to look at the standard practices that are common today. At the very least, these need to be met.

Continually Upgrade the Software and the Operating System

As mentioned, failing to keep up with the latest cyber security benefits means potentially finding your company at a disadvantage to the cybercriminals. The easiest way to stay up to date is never to neglect the latest upgrades and to bring in the industry professionals to advise on the most judicious investments when they are needed.

Engage in Edge Computing

Edge computing is based upon the wisdom of not placing all of your eggs in one basket. While your server might be working as your data center, you can still process some data elsewhere, in alternative locations away from the man data center. This means that in the event of a breach, not everything is lost.

Set Access Limitations for Files

Better yet, create a hierarchy of access that can be deferred to when setting the level of access for certain files. User authentication, logins, and passwords are all great in securing the data on your company server.

Servers do not just store data; they offer computing services beyond the capabilities of the individual devices connected to it. Accordingly, server security isn’t just important for data, but your whole company functionality.

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