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The Most Unique Software for Architects that You Should Use in 2022

2022 is here, and days are closing fast. For architects, this is a year of making the mark they have been yearning for in the industry. So, what are your aspirations as a building designer or remodeling professional? Whether you want to attract more clients, design an iconic building, or help design a building that optimizes natural lighting, the software you select is the most important tool. Here are the leading building apps for architects that you should use to achieve your goals in 2022. 

Chief Architect 

Developed for professionals and expert home planners, Chief Architect is no doubt one of the most comprehensive apps for building design. The lovely thing about the app is that it allows you to design top-notch commercial and residential buildings with ease. Its rich features make it pretty easy to use, and even new designers can comfortably create top-rated designs. 

One of the most notable features of the app is the automated 3D creation tool. As you draw different parts, the app automatically creates 3D models, helping you to finish designs fast and professionally. Even if you do not have skills in creating 3D models, it will only take a short while to learn and acquire the expertise with the Chief Architect. 

Other unique features of the app include 3D rendering and visualizations, interactive navigation, and documentation. We must also mention that it works excellently for designers working as teams, and you can use it for the entire building project, from the design to construction. 


As an architect, do you often get projects with very short timeframes? Perhaps a client moving to a new area wants a building design in the next day or a few hours. It might also be a customer whose house has been damaged by a storm and wants a new design or remodeling in the next one hour. To deliver quality designs within a short period, you should consider using Cedreo

Cedreo is an outstanding 3D home design program for contractors, modeling professionals, and building designers. It was created with advanced tools that make it possible for you to develop complete home designs in no time. Once you are conversant with its features, it is possible to complete a home design in less than two hours. You only need to follow these three steps to complete any home design: 

  • Draw your plan in 2D and immediately get 3D visualizations. Use the app’s advanced library to finish the task even faster. 
  • Furnish the project with different objects in its library. Cedreo comes with more than 7,000 products, materials, and objects. You can even group the product packs. 
  • Create 3D renders. These ones allow you to visualize both the exterior and interior of the building in only a few minutes. 

Another feature that makes Cedreo outstanding is that it is an excellent pick for working with a team. It allows you to store the designs in one database and makes them available to all team members. This implies that all the changes made on the designs are visible to all members of the team. 

Total 3D Home Premium Suite 

When creating building designs, it is advisable to be as creative as possible. Sure, you can develop designs using most programs out there, but the more creative types will make the designs sparkle. This is where Total 3D Premium Suite software comes into play. The program allows you to use your own images or select from more than 14,000 samples to quickly start your designs. Then, you can use the catalog containing more than 20,000 brand-name products to enhance your designs. 

This software works best for floor planners and interior designers. You can also use it for designing the outdoors of your house. Because of the rich catalog of objects, most architects using other programs, such as ArchiCAD and Maya consider pairing with Total 3D Premium Suite for better designs. 

2022 has ushered in a new beginning, and it is time to make your presence felt by working with the best software for architects. The apps we have listed above not only make it easy to complete your designs but also help to make your work outstanding. Even if the project at hand only has a few hours, you can get it done professionally using the apps on this post. 

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