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Toy Safety Tips That No One Tells you About

Each year, millions of parents flock toy stores to purchase the latest play devices for their kids. While these are meant for entertainment purposes, they can be dangerous. Sadly, toy injuries happen often than you can imagine. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission report, about 250,000 kids incur toy-related injuries yearly. Worse still, some result in death, and you can avoid this by making responsible selections.

Check out toy safety tips that you should know:

1. Bigger is always better!

Kids below the age of three are at a high risk of toy injuries. Small toys or parts can pose health hazards to kids during play. The younger the child, the bigger the toy should be. Therefore, choose toys in the right sizes depending on your child’s age. Lego for sale in Dubai consists of the constructor toys, speed champions, elves, and you’ll get them in varied sizes for kids of all ages. Follow the age guidelines on the packaging or consult the seller before making purchases.

2. Buy age-appropriate devices

All toys are designed for multiple kid’s age brackets. You can get this information on the packaging, and it should guide your while shopping. No matter how attractive the toy looks, avoid buying what doesn’t match your child’s age. For instance, small toys pose a significant risk to toddlers and young kids and should be avoided.

3. Avoid fatal attractions

Toys feature various parts, and many come with powerful magnets. When ingested, these can lead to severe medical complications and sometimes surgery. These can also be harmful to older kids. Toys with ribbons, strings, and cords aren’t safe either. They can easily tangle your child’s neck and hurt them. What of toy guns? Shooting devices can cause eye injuries and preset choking hazards. Go for toys with minimal parts, and avoid those with dangling cords or sharp edges.

4. Unbreakable toys are best.

We all want durable toys, and this saves a lot of money. Indestructible toys will also save you a lot of trouble. Where can I get quality durable toys? ORYVO stocks various types, including Lego Star Wars, Batman, Trolls, Disney, and more. You can get all these  and different interlocking bricks online.

Kids love biting, but these are strong enough to withstand chewing. In the case of paint or coating on the surfaces, this must meet the lead limits. For battery-operated devices, they should come with battery cases that the child can’t open. Otherwise, your child can swallow the button battery resulting in chemical burns.

5. Accessorize!

Toys come in varied categories; riding ones like scooters, bikes, and pogo sticks are associated with a high likelihood of injuries. When shopping for such toys, acquire proper protective gear like helmets, protective pads, guards, and any other thing that can help keep your child safe in case of falls.

Final thoughts

While shopping for kid’s toys, it can be tempting to choose what excites our child most. However, safety is a critical consideration, and you should pick toys with safety in mind. Avoid toys with too many small parts, buttons, or sharp edges. You want your child to enjoy their play and can only achieve this with safe toys.

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