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Cutting-edge web design trends

New technologies have seen web development evolve with time, leading to dynamic web applications and solutions. The future will be full of opportunities in web development, and that will shape the trends in this field. Web developers are therefore spending sleepless nights exploring new options and tactics. 

Your small business will find it hard to breakthrough in the crowded market space, but you have a competitive edge in the market by employing the latest technology in your web design. With the newest web solutions, you can stay ahead of the market.

Following are some top trends in web development

Single-page website

They are commonly known as SPAs, where everything is in one place. You don’t have to switch or maintain. It feels so bad when you click on a page, and you’re directed to another downloaded one. The uses consume lots of time and get the wrong impression. SPA ensures that you don’t have those time-consuming interactions. It offers security of data and improved page performance. SPA application works within a browser and takes no time to reload the page while it’s working. Such applications are Google maps, GitHub among others.

AI and Robots continue to develop.

An essential part of the latest web development trends is the AI-driven chatbots. These are expected to go one step further beyond 2021. The technology will play an incredible role in delivering an improved and smoother experience. 

PWA-Progressive Web Applications

This is a new technology that offers faster loading, easy navigation, and a site’s smooth operation. It’s about reliability and a smoother user experience. PWA’s ability to achieve quality user experience, developers and modern investors are interested in it. It’s mobile-responsive, and no doubt it will dominate the space.

PWAs are improved with APIs and therefore have better features, delivery, and highly reliable. It also operates on a single code base, and thus, it can reach anywhere, anyone, and work on any device. With PWAs, you not only enjoy a faster load, but also users can use services online.


This is a type of software that is designed to simulate and decode human interactions. Chatbots are built depending on the needs of your business. They can be simple or complex questions to answer. They use artificial intelligence, natural language, and machine learning to give answers to queries. Using chatbots in your business will increase operational efficiency and save money. Chatbots can answer any questions that come their way, reducing the need to hire customer service representatives for your company.

Mobile responsive website

Google is now than ever focused on the ‘mobile-first index.’ Thus website developers are currently focused on the mobile-friendly aspect. That means the website is fluid on all devices with different sizes and resolutions. 

Voice search navigation

Technology has made people lazy, and hands-free voice technology is taking center stage in the digital market. Navigation and voice-activated search is the next big thing beyond 2021. The way you search for information is simplified; Apple, Google, and Android have already adopted the trend.

The digital world is on a fast lane of transformation, and as a business owner, you must ensure your website is done with the newest technology in mind. Don’t be left out of the digital space. Ask your Brighton web designer to come up with a design that will attract prospects and easily convert.

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