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Advertising Companies in Dubai: “Need for inbound marketing in COVID times is higher than ever”

Advertising agencies in Dubai haven’t talked about inbound marketing in a while, have we? Yet it is a strategy that remains very effective for many of your goals and trades.

According to Hubspot and a reputable digital agency Dubai, 92% of companies which uses inbound see an increase in traffic and rate of leads generated. The main interest is to attract visitors to its site and to convert a good part of it into contacts / prospects but these are not the only consequences of inbound.

It helps companies to save time thanks to its automation, to improve the understanding between the marketing and sales teams, or to establish your expertise on the subjects that interest your targets with the help of Istanbul advertising agencies. In addition, in Covid-19 times when travelling is a risk factor, inbound marketing strategy can help you keep certain proximity with your prospects and customers.Advertising companies in Dubai focus on inbound marketing more than ever for the business to grow in every sector.But before you get to these results, you might consider contacting a trustable branding agency Dubai like Scarlet Media MENA to get a better understanding of inbound marketing.

Your targets and the content to attract them

Who is your target audience? Do you really know them inside out?

Before embarking on an Inbound Strategy with an advertising agency, it is essential to know who you want / can address and on which channels. Of course, if you are selling electric scooters in Turkey, it stands to reason that seniors will not be your priority and your ad agency Turkey will target young audience. But this reflection remains too broad. What matters to us here knows the behavior of your potential buyers. To do this, you need to define your personas, these semi-fictitious people whose characteristics are taken from your prospect and customer files.

Once this step has been mastered, it will be necessary to animate this community of potential buyers. How? ‘Or’ What? By giving them what they want to receive! No, not everyone wants to have a Rolex and a Ferrari. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge on a specific issue, such as: “I would like to set up an Inbound Strategy, but I don’t know how”. 

In addition to the articles, which are very useful for showing your expertise and getting your reference, you surely have usable content  : sales brochure, team photos, customer testimonials, training materials with a few edits, you can turn them into white papers, computer graphics, webinars, podcasts and other interesting formats for your targets.

It is important to take into account the buyer’s journey (to be learned by heart) to create and organize your content through Istanbul advertising agencies. One of the most important conversion tools being used by any marketing agency is mentioned below;

CTA (call to action) Conversion Tool

Attracting is good, but converting is better! Every business wants to get to know its visitors and conversion tools are made for that.

By definition, these are “call to action” buttons. It’s a way to show your readers that it is possible to go further by accessing your more detailed content. You can make them appear in blog posts or emails for example. These buttons should be eye- catchingrelevant to the topic in your content and be clickable.

It is possible to use images to make the button more attractive to your reader. But no need to crate it, if the image is too busy, it can quickly lead to confusion. If you are used to reading us, you will have noticed that we put a CTA in the middle of our articles and one at the end. The goal is to introduce you to our more comprehensive resources, which correspond to the consideration stage in the buyer’s journey.

For setting up conversion tools you can contact Istanbul advertising agencies or You can simply contact mail (at) for further info.

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