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What are the trends in digital marketing in 2020?

Promoting and respecting your values

Scarlet Media, leading advertising agency in Dubai , says“Now is the time to contribute”. If you are a minimum committed, or not for that matter, you have necessarily heard of the IPCC report, giving concrete actions to be put in place to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C. by 2030. Needless to say, those companies are decisive players for the future of our planet.

If they do nothing to limit their CO2 emissions, more and more people will avoid them: consumers, of course, but also hiring candidates. Enough to reflect on the actions to be implemented now to contribute to this much-needed planetary movement.

As a responsibledigital marketing agency (and proud of it), Scarlet social media agency Turkeyteam regularly discusses our contribution and our societal and environmental impact. Ideas are already emerging internally in areas such as recycling and digital pollution which we will tell you about very soon #teasing. We are fortunate to have engaged employees who share common values ​​regarding societal issues. We can then communicate with confidence in these subjects, whether in our professional and private life.

You will tell me that these last two should not be mixed. Digital agency Dubai agree on this point, but in reality, our means of communication easily lead to our professional situation. Today, if you create a bad buzz on your favourite social network, it can quickly affect the brand image of your company and become binding on it. It is therefore important to hire a propersocial media agency Dubai.

SEO company Dubaiis also turning a corner in youth employment. It is becoming more difficult for SEO companies to recruit new talent . Not that they are unavailable, but they are more and more committed and want to find meaning in their professional activity. It goes without saying that if you do not put your societal values ​​forward on your communication platforms, a natural boycott will take place on the part of the new generation of workers. Then the calculation is quickly done: no employees, no production and no production, no income.

Micro and macro-influence of advertising agencies in Dubai

SEO agency Dubai tested it for one of our clients in 2019 and it must be said that influencer marketing has become a very effective method to generate revenue quickly. Ideal during sales periods, the collaboration with these specialists in social networks can be very fruitful when it is well framed.

At first, you can imagine that you have to find THE influencer equipped with hundreds of thousands of followers to get results. Yet statistics prove the opposite: micro-influencers, if they are well-targeted, can be more qualitative in participating in the development of your sales. According to Hubspot, micro-influencers with less than 1,000 followers on Instagram generate an engagement rate of 7.2%  while accounts with more than 100,000 followers are rather around 1.1%.

Macro-influence is not to be banned. Even if it is more expensive and more difficult to access, it can be very interesting for quickly gaining notoriety. But beware of scams, as in any emerging practice, some people try to take advantage of them, for example by buying subscribers, or pretending to be known influencers. Do not take out the chequebook on the first night.

Social Media Agency for targeted visibility?

Advertising agency Istanbul asks the question, Are your targets of generation Z (born after 2000)? Go find them where they are: Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok!

Surely you’ve heard of it if only through the many social media ads they’ve done in recent years. This platform, created in 2016, encourages its community to share original music videos. You can watch what users are sharing and create your own music video. A panel of effects is available and allows you to reveal your artistic soul to the whole world. Influencers from all fields are increasingly playing the game. Here is a rather sporty example to start the year full of good resolutions:

Since its creation, TikTok has reached record numbers of users: around 500 million at the start of 2019, more than half of which are young people of Generation Z.

Most of these adolescents and adults in the making have been immersed in the influence of social networks from a young age. This is where they get information and it is there that they make their purchasing decisions (or have their parents make it).

How does it work? Launch a hashtag that calls for action and it will turn into a challenge. Then, if it works thanks to the influence of a more or less followed profile, more and more people will be curious to know the company behind it.

Admittedly, this vision is a bit utopian, but brands are starting to take an interest in the TikTok phenomenon and the possibility of advertising on the platform.

In view of its number of downloads and users, this application should be watched. It also presents a great opportunity to reach or gain loyalty in the Asian market for Western brands, since it was developed there.

For setting up conversion tools you can contact Istanbul advertising agencies or you can simply contact mail (at) for further info.

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