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Caring for Your Elderly Parent: 4 Helpful Tips

Your mother and father did everything they could to keep you happy, healthy and safe as a child and no doubt helped you grow and flourish into adulthood.

If you are lucky enough to have one or indeed both of your parent still alive, whether they are still living entirely independently in their own home, or else are being cared for at an assisted living or independent living facility, then you have certainly clicked on the right article.

Continue reading to learn some important pieces of advice for caring for your elderly parent.

Make Yourself Aware of Their Medication

Your mom or dad may well be in the incredibly fortunate position of not requiring many, or indeed any, forms of medication on a regular basis, but if they are taking tablets and pills for one health condition or another, you should make yourself aware of what they need to take and when.

Another good idea for helping your older parent manage their medication and ensure that they never accidentally miss a dose, is to invest in a pillbox organizer with labelled compartments for each day of the week.

Encourage Them to See the Doctor

Medical doctor appointments are a crucial part of anyone’s physical health, especially when it comes to older adults and the elderly. The doctor is there to help and assist with anything related to both your physical and emotional health and therefore encouraging your older parent to visit is always the best idea.

If, for example, your mom or dad is complaining of persistent back pain, openly yet tactfully discuss treatment options, from over-the-counter medication to stem cell treatment from renowned experts such as

Making Mealtimes a Family Affair

When an elderly person lives alone, it can understandably be hard for them to find the motivation to cook a healthy meal, full of fruit, vegetables and lean meat, every evening just to feed themselves.

Consuming the right nutrients and vitamins is important for people of any age, but for older adults, strong bones and a healthy immune system is even more essential. To make mealtimes more of an event and even something to look forward to for your elderly parents, spend time discussing their favorite meals and endeavor to head to the kitchen together to cook.

Instill a Relaxed Daily Routine

Just as domesticated pets, and indeed wild animals, thrive when living to a routine and feeding schedule, such a daily structure is also important for children and adults alike.

Packing in an exciting and engaging day is exceedingly important to ensure your mother or father is enjoying themselves and maintaining a high quality of life. However, discussing with your elderly parent as to what they like to achieve each and every day and what activities they would like to do within a normal week is a great way to start to build a routine.

The importance of a routine simply cannot be overestimated, especially for an older person who has no professional obligations where they need to be up and out of the house by 8am every weekday.

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