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How to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

Exercise is not something that most kids are interested in, and definitely not just for the sake of it. Yes, there are those who like to play certain sports, and in doing so they get all the exercise they need. But then there are those who prefer to spend their free time inside playing video games with their friends. For them, the idea of exercise has about as much appeal as cleaning their room. So, what can you do to encourage your child to be more active? Well, making exercise fun is a good starting point.

Turn Exercise into a Game

Kids love to play games, so tricking them into getting exercise by making it a game is a fantastic idea. You might consider setting up some games in and around your home that will get your child moving without them even realizing.

For example, a dance party is both fun and silly and encourages children to move their bodies. Put on some music that your child loves and dance with them. You could even invite some of their friends over and play a game of ‘musical statues’. During this game, the children would dance but every time the music stops, they must pretend to be statues. Whoever moves first is out of the game. The game continues until there is only one person left.

There are many other options for turning exercise into a game such as ‘Simon Says’, an obstacle course in the yard, or ‘red light green light’. You can incorporate a range of exercises into these games to make it fun for your children.

Join in with Your Child

If you want your child to be more active, then lead by example. You can use equipment to have fun together while also getting some exercise. Consider buying a trampoline for the back yard. A large trampoline will allow you and your children to have fun together and is a terrific way to get some cardio in too.

Or you could invest in some bicycles for the whole family. The experts at Woom say that cycling with your children can help you to bond, explore the outdoors, and get some exercise all at the same time. Look for lightweight adults and kids bikes in your local bike store as these are easier to control.

If you want a less expensive way to work out with your kids, why not buy a few hula hoops and have a competition. The person who keeps their hula hoop up the longest wins. There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition, and if you include a prize your children are more likely to want to join in and beat you.

Invite Friends to Join In

While you can get involved in fun exercises with your children, you might find they are more willing to play along if their friends are doing it too. Organize a playdate where your children and friends can have some active fun together. Something as simple as a game of tag can be great fun when a group of friends is involved.


Encouraging your children to be active can be a challenge, especially if they are used to being indoors and prefer to socialize this way. But exercise is important for a child’s development, so it is important that your children are active. If you want your kids to enjoy exercise, the trick is to make them want to do it; the best way to achieve this is to make it fun. Turn exercise into a game and get their friends involved. You can join in too if your children will allow it!

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How to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

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