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How To Take Better Group Portraits At Any Time Of Day

Anyone who takes photos might take a group picture at some point. This might be professional photographers or an amateur wanting to take photographs of friends.

Taking group photos is basically not something restricted to any portrait photographer. It is a skill, which works for weddings, fashion, events, travel, and corporate photographers. This is why it is necessary to learn photography with the help of the following tips:

1. Have One Decision Maker or Contact for the Group

Whether you’re photographing an extended family, friends, or a group of people from work, you will require one person to make every decision for the group. 

This is the individual who can finalize your details. They are a source for helpful details, including must-have shots, time, styling, types of pictures desired, and wardrobe.

2. Line up the Group’s Feet

Groups have the tendency of curling in on the ends and form a U-shape without noticing it. Everyone does it, including professional photographers.

Like it is taught in editing and manual photography courses, the easiest and quickest way to correct this problem lies in the camera. You need to line up their toes up so as to help them be straightened out and back in the same focal point.

3. Time it Right

Timing pictures properly is very important. Of course, you might want to choose the time of the day when the lighting is best. 

However, you will want to choose the time when all the members of the group have had enough rest and are looking great.

4. Choose the Right Type of Lens

When it comes to a bigger group, choosing a wide lens is important. The right versatile lens for both large group and family portrait poses is around 35mm.

This will provide you with the ability to capture a bigger group without using rows. You may also use a lens ranging from 24 to 70 mm.

5. Get Closer

Try to get closer to the group you want to photograph. The closer you get, the more details you will be able to capture in the faces. This is something, which may elevate shots.

For a family, ensure you step in and make kids smile so that you can take some shoulder and headshots. Another great technique is to have everyone lean. This way, you will move everyone out of the one-line formation and place others behind and in front.

6. Change the Focal Point

In spite of midday light being challenging to deal with, it has one main advantage. It usually brings out brilliant, different, and stunning colors, which you will not see at any other time of the day. Ensure you take advantage of this by taking pictures of all the colorful surroundings.

When it comes to lifestyle photography, you may also need to frame it to ensure it occupies a small space by placing it in the background or zooming out.

In a Nutshell!

The more individuals are in the picture, the more complex photos you’ll have. What this means is that a group picture is a big challenge, especially if it involves many people.

You must make every person in the group look great while capturing its dynamic, creating a sense of cohesion, and paying attention to good light and sharp focus.

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