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Should I Start With SEO or PPC First?

Paid-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are complimentary. It means you can carry them out together if you want to improve your website ranking and drive quality traffic. PPC enhances your website and content so that it ranks at the top for desirable keywords. 

SEO is more effective, but you have to create time to make it work for your website. Check out Digital Spotlight for their digital marketing services.. On the other hand, PPC is an online model used on social media platforms and search engines. It is a way of advertising your website to rank at the top and drive more traffic. When you adopt PPC, you only pay when people click on your site links. 

According to most SEO experts, both PPC and SEO come with their drawbacks and benefits. Therefore, you should choose wisely between the two if you want to make your site appear at the top of SERPs.

When should you prioritize SEO?

You should only prioritize SEO if:

1. Your site appears on organic traffic 

If you already have a firm foundation in organic search, you can invest in SEO. Ask yourself if your website can appear on Google’s organic search without having to do a lot of work. If you’ve been involved in some off-page SEO before, you stand an excellent chance to improve and make your website more visible.

2. You are ready for a long term commitment 

You should only make SEO a top priority if you are ready to commit for long. It takes time and money to put your website at the top when you decide to go the SEO way. SEO takes time and effort, and you may give it months or weeks before you notice any significant results. So, only go for SEO if you are patient enough.

3. You want to create brand awareness

SEO is the right way to go if you are trying to create brand awareness and drive the right leads to your business website. Most people are likely to click on organic searches compared to paid ads. Therefore, by investing in SEO, you increase traffic to your website while creating awareness. 

When should you prioritize PPC?

You can prioritize PPC for your website if:

1. You want to take control of your ads 

Meta description and titles are the only SERP-based messages you can control when you optimize your site for SEO. However, for the case of PPC, you are free to add more content and information on the advert, like phone number, business address, office hours, and location. 

2. You want immediate results

PPC gives results faster compared to SEO. With PPC ads, you can easily take your marketing message and website to the top of search engines. Your website will appear amongst the first three sites, and visitors are more likely to click on it. If you are trying to rank high on a specific keyword, PPC is the best you can invest in for your business.

Final Thoughts 

Both PPC and SEO are helpful to make your business site rank at the top. If you are new and your business is facing stiff competition, you can opt for PPC to improve your ranking faster. Although it takes time and money, you can also level up your lead generation efforts by investing in SEO.

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