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5 Surprising Facts about Internet Privacy

Data breaches, cyberattacks, and hacking attempts are considerable risks associated with online activities.  As internet users grow by the day, privacy issues continue to increase. The information shared and stored at different situations and times, either temporarily or for longer periods, can be targeted and captured by unsavory folks. Tracing internet users or using the information to do them harm is quite common, an issue that more users are now aware of, prompting them to seek various internet privacy solutions to safeguard their activities. As privacy breaches continue to wreak havoc, various users, whether actively involved or on occasional use, have realized that the online world is not as safe, especially if due diligence is not employed. As you endeavor to enjoy safer online activities, here are some surprising facts about internet privacy you need to know.

End-user license agreement matters

Do you (ever) read the terms and conditions, or you quickly accept it without giving it much thought? Most users assume that every site is fair and transparent, but data policies differ, some that could be considered unethical if you read through the terms. Some organizations sell your data, especially to marketers, for targeted advertisement.  The worst part is that some ads could even leak personal information, causing significant online privacy issues.

You could be the weakest link

Most users assume that their devices are the problem, prompting them to install solutions such as antivirus and other protection measures. That’s a great way to enhance your privacy, but humans are usually the weak link to privacy issues. Most privacy breaches are undertaken through phishing emails; once you open those funny and enticing mails, you could expose your data to attacks. Knowing what to look out for before clicking on those convincing links and opening emails could save you from privacy issues.

Privacy breaches take time to spot

You are used to instant access to information online, but while dealing with privacy breaches, you won’t notice it immediately. Some attacks are detected sooner than others, with typical data breach taking over 190 days to detect. This stresses the need to continually monitor your activities to ensure that you aren’t caught off guard.

You can manage your digital footprint

As social media platforms continue to attract more users, privacy issues such as concerning who can access your public information grow by the day.  You’ve probably researched how to erase your digital footprint, and you are not alone. Many users have and continue to delete their personal information on various online platforms, while others restrict their audience to manage their digital footprint. Managing your digital footprint is manageable, especially with changing cybersecurity and privacy laws tailored to protect users.

Monitoring your kids’ online activity is crucial

A significant number of kids between 8 to 16 years are on social media, and their interactions on various platforms could lead to privacy issues. Your kid could be the weak link, and as you endeavor to maintain your privacy, ensuring that their online activities aren’t exposing you is essential. Monitoring their accounts and ensuring that you understand the privacy policies of the platforms and sites they use is essential. It lowers the chances of exposing sensitive information, noting that they are a prime target for attacks.

As the internet continues to prove its importance in running day-to-day activities, implementing practical measures to safeguard your privacy can’t take the backseat. It doesn’t only apply to the big-wigs, as small businesses and individuals can also be targeted. Privacy breaches can cause financial and considerable emotional trauma, stressing the need to employ active measures, including working with reputable professionals to monitor and safeguard your privacy.

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