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Mistakes To Avoid When Working Out

People who start to work out and exercise, often go overboard out of enthusiasm and make mistakes that can lead to serious injuries and a total workout failure. 

It is important to take care of our physical and mental health while working out, especially if you do it yourself, without a trainer or instructor.

Sometimes, you can make wrong moves, lift heavier weights than recommended, and overexert yourself, causing injury and pain in the limbs.

Here are mistakes that you should avoid during a workout to prevent an injury and achieve maximum benefits.

The most common mistake that people make is inconsistency. You can start working out with full energy, but if you don’t continue with it or do it after long intervals, you will not gain anything from the workout.

I have found out about entrepreneurs like Ali Ghani, who are passionate about health and fitness. They rotate fitness routines to include cardio, like going out for a run, and then on alternate days, they focus on weightlifting and endurance.

If you don’t warm up your body before working out, you are doing it wrong. Skipping a warmup is an absolute no before working out as it can lead to ligament injury. Warmup relaxes your muscles and makes them flexible for all the jumping and stretching.

Lifting heavyweight, in the beginning, can put a lot of strain on your under-trained muscles and lead to a ligament tear. Lift light weights when you start working out and gradually move to more heavy ones.

Relying on your back muscles for core related exercise can cause muscle strain. 

If you are using your squads instead of glutes while doing squat and lunge, you may not see the desired muscle growth in your glutes.

Putting pressure on your back while using dumbbells, and resistance bands can lead to muscle injury, and won’t give you the benefit of the exercise. Make sure that you keep your shoulder and back straight without rounding forward. Be conscious of your body alignment.

If you have just started working out, avoid doing high impact exercises. We tend to overdo things in the urge to get the results faster. You may do high-intensity exercise too often to lose weight sooner. Remember, your muscles need recovery time in between stretches. Doing high impact exercise without breaks can result in extreme soreness and injury.

We can learn from fitness experts like Ali Ghani and Brendan Brazier that starting small and beginning with activities we can do comfortably have benefits to them. Do not push yourself too hard, give your body time to relax.

Exercise makes you sweat and lose body water and electrolytes. Your body needs hydration to cushion joints and stabilize blood pressure. Improper hydration can build up lactic acid, leading to muscle cramps. Sip water or a sports drink in between your workouts. Don’t drink too much water at one go before exercising.
Lastly, when you are working out, avoid eating unhealthy and high sugar content food. A healthy and balanced diet, combined with the right exercises, can produce great results.

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