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What to Expect From a Prenatal Massage While You’re Expecting Relief

A prenatal massage is similar to a typical massage, except that the practitioner will resist adding pressure to some places and may use special positions to keep the mother relaxed and healthy. You can also read more about amazing health benefits of practicing prenatal yoga regularly in this article. Instead of sitting face-down for the remainder of the session, you will be on your side or in a semi-reclined position, preventing blood supply from being disrupted by placing pressure on the abdomen.

The doctor can stop using deep pressure on the belly and legs during a prenatal massage in Singapore. If you have blood clots, gentle pressure can be used; however, deep pressure on the legs may cause complications.

What are the advantages?

Prenatal massage has many advantages. Here are a few examples.

  • Can help with back pain
  • Sleep and mood are improved.
  • Reduces labour complications by reducing stress.

The safest position for prenatal massage is on your side, propped up by pillows. Massage of the neck and shoulders is also a safe sitting-up choice. When scheduling your hotel massage, make sure your nurse has a lot of experience working with pregnant women, and make sure you consult with your doctor before going to the spa to make sure she’s okay with it.

Make a mental note of these ideas to make your day at the spa as carefree as possible:

  • Have an appointment with a massage therapist that specializes in prenatal treatments. A trained practitioner may have completed a maternity course that teaches the fundamentals of pregnancy massage, such as pacing and pressure points. We want to make sure you have a good time with this treat.
  • Look for spas that have pregnancy-specific treatments. After all, qualifications are relevant.
  • Pay attention to the body and tell the therapist if you’re anxious. Now is the time to articulate yourself, build faith with your therapist, and have fun with this process. Some spas use tables with cutouts to fit a pregnant belly, but prenatal support pillows are also available. These are quick to adapt and more relaxed in general. If you aren’t happy for any reason, request a change of status or care. Often, toilet breaks are required, so notify the therapist if you need one.
  • During and after your spa stay, drink lots of water.

Things to Avoid:

  • Contrast hydrotherapy should be avoided (alternating hot and cold pools or rooms). The strongest temperatures are those that stay stable.
  • Avoid using hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas (traditional and infrared). According to Joel Evans, M.D., author of The Whole Pregnancy Handbook, heat and sweat allow reduced blood pressure (and blood to pool in the feet), ensuring the infant receives less oxygen.
  • Body wraps cause perspiration and increases core body temperature, so avoid them.
  • Body scrubs that detoxify the body are a no-no. Scrubs can release toxins into the bloodstream, which isn’t a good thing when a tiny individual shares it! Instead, for itchy and dry eyes, use light body buffs.
  • Remember, essential oils (concentrated plant extracts) are off-limits during the first trimester. Rose, lavender, and chamomile should be used again during the second trimester if they’re mixed with twice as much carrier oil. Still, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and jasmine shouldn’t be used at all, since they can induce uterine contractions. Since certain scents can cause nausea, many spas have scent-free items.
  • Before making a reservation, see the doctor if you are a high-risk patient.

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